Soil Health

Why soil health matters

Soil health underpins everything we do at Metagen.

The vitality, health and structure of your soil drives the performance and profit of your whole agricultural system.

The core of our focus in soil performance is:

  • Metabolise carbon for soil vitality
  • Structure improvements for better rooting depth
  • Soil water infiltration improvements and increased water holding capacity

These 3 factors play a major role in achieving crop resilience, crop performance and crop quality.

.Agriculture puts soil plant interaction systems under pressure ranging from intensive cropping, compaction and lack of diversity in the system. Over time the biological foundations have not been kept in balance to counteract the impact of agriculture and hence we commonly see declines in soil fertility and structure decline.

In Australia most soils under agricultural conditions need biological balancing to counter the impact of agriculture.

The story of decreasing yields despite increasing inputs is a common theme where paddocks have been extensively farmed. Chemical inputs alone cannot address these system gaps when it is a biological inbalance in the system. Optimum plant performance requires BOTH biological balance as well as chemical balance

Metagen biostimulants are formulated to maximise the health of your soil. By stimulating the soil health mechanism we influence production on every level – from plant health and crop performance through to quality, yield and productivity advantages including better moisture utilisation.

The link between microbes and soil health

Soil Structure -Why it Matters

Why Get Your Soil Tested?

Productivity requires soil to be healthy and balanced. Much of the soil used for agriculture and gardens in Australia has limitations and deficiencies. Taking a soil test and analysing exactly what your soil needs allows you to address the limitations with specific inputs – maximising plant performance without wasting money on unnecessary inputs.


Your soil health report provides you with detailed and advanced interpretation:

  • It evaluates the levels of essential elements in your soil, highlighting limitations that need addressing for plant growth, health and productivity.
  • It analyses both the absolute and relative element levels in your soil.
  • It includes a soil amendment report; with specific recommendations about how to improve soil health and optimise productivity.
  • It highlights specific trace element requirements and includes Metagen biological amendment assessments.

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