Soil Enzyme Testing

New Soil Enzyme testing available

Ensuring nutrients are available for plant uptake.

What is Soil Enzyme Testing?

Microbes are critical to the cycling of soil nutrients (think C, N and P amongst others). To do this, microbes produce enzymes, which our soil enzyme assay measures.  

Why is Enzyme Testing Important?

It is important because microbes can convert nutrients into forms available for plant uptake. Generally, the higher the activity of key enzymes, the more nutrients are made available for plants. Furthermore, the activity of certain enzymes can be indicative of productive soils.

What it can do for you as a Grower?

The test can tell you how active your soil microbes are. This can tell if you are on right track with your soil management, or that you may want to change some agronomic practices. The tests can be used over time to track changes you implement.

Advanced Microbial Technology