Research Team

Meet the Scientific Team

Our research team brings together specialists from diverse backgrounds.  

Dr Neil Wilson

Director of Research Microbiology

Dr Neil Wilson is Director of Research Microbiology at Metagen with expertise in both molecular biology and microbiology.

As an undergraduate at Macquarie University, Neil achieved first class honours in Bachelor of Science, Ecology. He has followed this with 15 years research experience including a PhD in molecular microbiology which he completed in 2008. He has x publications in peer reviewed journals.

Neil has worked in a range of different labs involving medical microbiology, environmental microbiology, and is now focused on agricultural microbiology. He is passionate about bridging the gap between academic science and growers and agronomists experience and results.

Dr Ken Fitzgerald

Product Development Director

Dr Ken Fitzgerald is the Product Development Director at Metagen with expertise in product formulation, chemistry and process control.

Ken graduated in 1992 with a 1st class honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Queensland, where he then went on to complete a PhD. in Materials Science

Ken Fitzgerald brings his specialist knowledge and expertise in chemistry to help the business integrate biological inputs with chemical amendments in the most production effective ways.

Chris Baldock


Chris Baldock is Director of Research Analytics, bringing expertise in machine learning and computer modelling to analyse the microbial communities of growers crops and soils.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Sydney, graduating with First Class Honours.

He brings unique expertise to science having achieved numerous awards. Chris is currently completing the final stage of a PhD in Agriculture at Sydney University focused on the ecology of the plant microbiome and is passionate about how science is making a positive impact for growers and the future of agriculture

Shane Fitzgerald

Director of Research Agronomy

Shane Fitzgerald is the Director of Research Agronomy and head soil scientist and plant health specialist.

Shane is dedicated to helping growers find the best possible crop management practices to increase production in sustainable ways. He advises some of Australia’s largest and most innovative producers in the latest science in improving soil structure, soil productivity and nutrient availability through mineral and biological balancing. He has experience across diverse crops and soil types. 

Shane holds a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Queensland St. Lucia and is involved in numerous scientific projects. His landmark findings nutrition/disease relationship in crops has been published in the Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture.

Advanced Microbial Technology