Laboratory Services

Improving Australian Agriculture

The Metagen lab exists to improve Australian Agriculture through specific understanding of soil and plant microbiology systems.  Our Metagen Laboratory employs the very best scientists in the field of microbiome testing and DNA extraction.

It is a specialist provider of microbiology and molecular biology analytical services.

We offer a range of soil and crop data services for growers including microbiome analysis, genome sequencing, DNA extraction and microorganism identification. Our technology offers growers important new data and the ability to measure real differences in biology through our soil and plant microbiome testing.

Through our understanding of Australian soil and plant systems, we produce products that enable us to work with growers to produce some of the best crops possible whilst saving both money and environmental impact. 

The Metagen Lab provides a range of agricultural Laboratory services to support growers.

We are working with growers industry research groups to further the knowledge pool of microbiological potential.

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Advanced Microbial Technology