Microbial Analysis

Advanced Testing Capability

Microbial analysis services for Australian Universities, Research organisations, Agronomists and Growers.

DNA extraction and PCR facility services:

Our analysis is tailored to meet the specific protocol and unique needs of Universities and Research Organisationsd. We use robotised PCR facility and DNA extraction, providing our clients with high accuracy, high throughput and improved turnaround.

What does Metagen Microbial Analysis do?

Your soils and crops are replete with microbes (think bacteria, fungi, nematodes, amoeba) that live in complex communities. We use DNA based technologies to fingerprint these microbial communities. 

Why is Microbial Analysis important?

Your management choices impact your microbiology. Ineffective management can cause dysbiosis of these communities, leading to disease and yield loss. Effective management can result in communities that protect your plant and improve your yield.

How can Microbial Analysis help you as a grower?

Our analysis can be used to verify that your agronomy is making positive changes to your microbial communities. Conversely, we can detect potential pathogens associated with poorly performing blocks. The microbial analysis can be linked to the enzyme test to find functionally important microbes.  We can give you the insight to your farm not previously possible.

Advanced Microbial Technology